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The Truth About Domestic Violence

The statistics on domestic violence in the United States are truly terrifying. Every year, nearly 5 million women and 1 million men are victims of domestic violence, and 10 million children witness an act of domestic violence in the home. Even more startling, more than half of those physically abused never report the attack.

The Greg Jones Agency is committed to ending domestic violence, and our team is launching a campaign to help abuse survivors and raise awareness of this concerning issue.

Ambassadors for Change

The Greg Jones Agency is proud to be a regional Ambassador for the #AgentsofChange movement, our goal will be to provide direct support to abuse victims, ensure that resources are available for those who need help exiting abusive households, and launch community awareness and education initiatives to stop abuse before it starts.

We have a lot to do, and we’re seeking help from everyone in the larger VA area who, like us, want to see an end to domestic violence. We have a great deal to do, and we’re going to need your help to see this project through.

Help Us End Domestic Violence

We don’t need a donation, what we need is for you to help us spread the news about this campaign and let people in our community know that there are options available if they are seeking escape from abuse. If you refer a friend or loved one into the Greg Jones Agency, we will speak with them about our campaign and we will provide them with a complimentary insurance appraisal. Afterward, we pledge to make a donation in YOUR name to an initiative actively working to provide assistance, support, resources, or counseling to victims of domestic abuse.

Be Part of Our Team!

Now is the time to act. Domestic violence has affected millions of lives in our nation and right here in Virginia, and it’s time to bring the abuse to an end. We hope you join us.


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The Greg Jones Agency

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