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What Our Customers Say

“Greg and team have been there to support me through several different life changes - buying houses, vehicles, getting a personal umbrella policy, flood insurance, etc. I would go to no other agent as he is always so helpful, personable and honest. I appreciate that in an agent! ”

Catherine L.

“Greg Jones was there to help with a recent homeowners claim for a bursted frozen pipe. He also was able to save me over $100 each month on my auto insurance (I was with another company due to a teenage driver being added). I have been a fan of my current carrier ever since a catastrophic loss that occurred at my home in Tennessee. The agency had an adjuster on site before most other homeowners had tarps draped over their homes following an F-5 tornado. Both experiences were without complication and the claims were handled in a timely manner. Thank you, J.C.”

Joshua C.

“I believe my carrier is truly there for their clients! Our agent, Gregory Jones, is very considerate, professional, and consistently informative. The confidence I put in him and the agency as whole is second to none other! ~peace of mind~”

Lavonne H.

“Omg Greg is the BEST insurance even EVER!!! I just referred my best friend to him, so you KNOW I'm really impressed!@ Kate ”

Mary B.

“Every time we have needed Greg, he is always helpful and knowledgeable ”

Michael C.

“I have been using Mr. Jones and the agency for many years, and I love them! They always help me out whenever I have questions or problems and offer top notch service! That's why I have used them and will continue to use them for years to come awesome service hand's down! Thanks Mr.Jones and crew!”

Paul P.

“I honestly just started a policy with you guys a couple of weeks ago but I like the enthusiasm of Mr.Gregory Jones and how flexible he was to help find a policy that suited me financially and overall generally good ”

Semaje P.